Its another Raya Poem

This is my first post and still trying to understand how to used WordPress. in case there’s anything wrong with my post please be kind to advise me how to make my blog a better one

And so i made this poem last weekkend on Raya Eve. i hope its not too late to post a raya poem


Hurray huuraaaa
Tommorrow is raya,
Anak bulan says assalam
And so we reply wassalam
Weeehuuu weeeyay
My fav raya dish is on the way
All ingredients are ready
Milk, quacker n ghee
Oh its so yummy
Cook slow i cant wait to have u in my tummy
Cant wait to meet u arissa
Wanna eat u with some honey
Yeeehoooo yeeehiiii
Lets bring out the cookies
Wow 10 boxes? We have soo many
All made with love by alika n mama bee
There are semprit, suji also dried jelly
Oh and the coconut cookie
makes my tummy go jolly
Bedebung bedebann
Oh i see ketupat, kuah kacang n rendang
Better take that away from me
Or tomorrow there won’t be any
Baaammm bummm oh bunga api
All clothes are ready
Iron n hung by me
oh they look so pretty
Dont forget songkok and sampin
For without them you wont be steady
Shoes too and they have too be shiny
I  hope my babies will look dashing and pretty
Expecially on hari raya aidilfitri
Sob sob sob
A year has gone
I know i have done a lot of dosa
To dear friends n lovely family
I’m truly blessed to hv you all, i love you so do forgive me
Like we always say it:
“Ampun maaf Dari ujung rambut hingga ujung kaki”
Happy n Merry Aidilfitri
Be happy don’t worry